The Owls Have It…

 I absolutely love owls. I’m not sure exactly what it is about them that I love so much. They just captivate me. I thinks that owls are mysterious creatures. You hardly ever see an owl in the daytime. They are nocturnal predators so they hunt in the darkness. Their special feathers allow them to fly in complete silence, making them even more difficult to hear than they are to spot. It would be a very special thing to be able to see an owl in nature. I have heard plenty of owls. In fact, they sound a little creepy at night. Definitely not your typical “who, who” call that we are familiar with.

Through the years, I have started collecting owls. Some are really cheap, some have been gifts, and some have been thrifted. I thought that I would share a few of my finds with you today.

This owl was gold when I found him in the Goodwill store. I spray painted him white. I think that he has a lot of character. I love his eyes. I think he has the sweetest face.








This white owl lamp was purchased for me by my husband from Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and Restaurant. I put a red bulb in it for the Christmas holidays..  The little golden owl was a thrifted find. I spray painted it gold.



This owl bookend set was given to me by a dear friend. She found them in an antique store and knew that I would love them. I found some older books with really pretty binders and displayed them on our old piano that I painted white.

The gold owl was given to me by one of my daughters and the blue owl I bought on clearance somewhere.

These little green owls are so cute. The larger one was purchase at the dollar store, and the smaller one is actually lip balm. His head screws off and the balm is in the center. I used up all the lip balm, but just couldn’t throw him away.

I’m not sure what this little owl is supposed to be. He is made out of cast iron. I have a trivet just like him, but this one stands and looks like a napkin holder. The colored pieces are plastic, and the drawing at the top of the page is one that I did, based on this owl. He seems to be pretty old. I keep him in my kitchen window at my sink. When the light shines through him he looks like a sun catcher.


 This owl is actually a vase. It was a gift from a friend. I like his large eyes and the mottled brown color. He is pretty large.




Finally, I have an outside owl that I move around in my flower bed. This one was also a gift. I love how he looks.



I do have others owls, but obviously could list them all in this post.

Owls are amazing, beautiful creatures. I am so thankful that our Lord created so many wonderful creatures for us to enjoy. Do you have a favorite animal or bird that you enjoy collecting?

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