Do you like a good treasure hunt? Well, that’s what I do every time I go out browsing the local thrift stores. I absolutely love old stuff! My favorite thing to do is to leisurely stroll┬áinto a shop full of second hand goodies. I get excited when I find old sewing notions, vintage paper goods, old dishes and glasses, vintage jewelry, sheets, pillowcases, and general home goods. To me, it’s like going on a hunt for some long forgotten treasure. I love things that used to be valued, but, in today’s culture, have lost their relevance. They are still relevant to me, and I cherish these items. Vintage paper goods are one of my favorite finds. I love the cute old-fashioned images that take us back to innocence and virtue.

I recently was able to go out by myself, so of course I headed to the thrift stores. I was able to find a few items that really made me happy.┬áI found a hydrangea wreath, and a wooden tray. I plan to repaint the tray, but I’m not sure yet on how I will use it.

I paid $1.49 for the tray. It has a sticker from ABC Distributing. I paid $2.99 for the wreath, and it still has the original tag from Reliance. It is a handcrafted Cottage Hydrangea wreath.

Next, I found a goodie bag full of ribbons. Ribbons can be expensive, so I was really happy to find a whole freezer bag full for $1.99

As you can see, there was a good variety of sizes, colors and types. Some were printed with cute designs, stripes, dots, leaves & acorns. In this bag, there was also some scrapbook items.

I thought these cute bunnies were adorable, and will look nice if I do a Spring project.

I am planning to work on a DIY Easter project, and have been gathering my materials for a blog post. I needed an old wooden frame, and this old picture and frame will work nicely for my project. I will take the picture out, and repaint the frame for the project. I can’t wait to show you the final project, so stay tuned.

Finally, I have been looking for a basket that would work for my front door. I wanted some type of a flat basket with a pocket to hold flowers. It needed to be flat on the back to hang against the door. I have seen these used like a wreath, and they look really cute filled with seasonal flowers. I found one that I am hoping will work. I will need to insert some foam to secure the flowers, and I am debating about painting the basket. I paid $.99 for this cute basket.

I am excited about this project as well, and will be sharing it with you on the blog.

Thrifting is a great way to find supplies for new projects when you are on a limited budget. Any time I find old craft supplies for a good price, I stock up. You never know when creativity hits, and you can use those old vintage finds.

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Go thrifting, and find some treasures!