Easy Project Idea

I like to change things up in my home every now and again, and special holidays or events are one way that I can do that. Valentine’s Day is a special day, and a simple “holiday.” It is very easy to add a few simple changes to get ready for this special day. Just by adding a heart garland or changing out a wreath will give you a little festive mood without breaking the bank.

I love paper products, and whenever Valentine’s Day draws near, you can find all kinds of cute paper doilies, heart-shaped paper doilies, glitter, vintage looking valentines, etc. After Valentine’s Day, when these items are marked down, I try to stock up for next year. Last year, I bought some pink and white paper heart doilies, and decided to use them for a quick bunting or garland this year.


All I did to make the garland was plug up my glue gun. I had some twine that I cut to the length I needed, and I spaced out the hearts and just glued them to the twine. This makes a cute decoration, and it’s very simple to make. The white hearts keep the look neutral, so I could leave it up after Valentine’s Day.

Another simple project is a wreath. I really enjoy making wreaths. They aren’t just for doors. I love to hang them in a room. A wreath can add a lot of style, or accent a holiday. I found a really simple project for a wreath using coffee filters. The filters make a very fluffy, full looking wreath for not a lot of money.

Isn’t that cute. I love how it looks, but I wanted to make something for Valentine’s Day, so I purchased some cute red and pink glitter hearts and pompoms to add to the wreath. To make the wreath, you need a pack of coffee filters, plenty of glue sticks for your glue gun, your glue gun, and a wreath form. I bought a foam wreath from the dollar store.

To begin the wreath, I pulled out several filters (they are hard to separate). I took one filter and gathered all the edges and  then kind of bunched it up so that I could apply some glue to the bottom of the filter. I started gluing the filters around the outside edge of the foam.

I worked my way from the sides to the top, and then the inside of the wreath.

Please be careful with the glue gun. I burned my fingers several times trying to stick the filters to the wreath.

After you have finished with the filters, you can add extras if you want. I added in my hearts and pompoms, but you could just leave it plain. You can also add a decorative ribbon to hang it, or a bow. I added a ribbon, by tying it to the door hook, so I could remove it if  I wanted.


I have made similar wreaths using cut paper, or vintage book pages, and they are really cute.


Coffee filters are great to use for craft projects. I have made watercolor flowers with them by just applying paint to the filters, and then bunching up several at a time to form a flower.

I hope you give this project a try. It is a little time consuming (I finished in about an hour), but it is very inexpensive and easy, and creates a big impact. Feel free to contact me with questions

Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman…

Her Price Is Far Above Rubies – Proverbs 31:10

What is a virtuous woman you ask? Well, let me begin by telling you what a virtuous woman is not. She is not loud, demanding, self-seeking, ungodly, unloving, unkind, lawless, disrespectful, inconsiderate, dishonest, rude, speaking profanity, need I go on? I think you get the picture. In fact, you have probably seen some of these women recently in our nation’s capital. What did you think of their behavior? I am a woman, and they did not represent me or my views in the least. In fact they represented the opposite of how God expects women to behave.

I am proud to be a woman, but I want to be the woman who God has called me to be. I don’t have to blindly follow the crowd, or listen to all the LOUD voices that are trying to tell me how I should think, or live my life. Today’s culture seems to be trying to destroy all that’s good and pure about being a woman. The culture today says that to be a strong woman, you must live by your own rules, demand what you want and take advantage when you can.  I know a lot of strong women, and they are the nicest, most sincere, respectful people I know.

Did you know that it is easier to follow the crowd? What’s hard is to stand alone, to dare to be different, but it is always worth it! My God tells me that I am precious to Him. I am valuable. Psalms 139:17 “How precious also are thy thoughts unto me! How great is the sum of them!” God has precious thoughts of me. My life is too valuable to waste.  God has placed me here with a specific purpose to fill, and not only me, but all of His children. We have been created in His image (Genesis 1: 26-27), and bought with a precious price (John 3:16). We are of great value.

I’m not just a woman, but I am a Christian woman. I love this quote by Elizabeth Elliot, “The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian, but the fact that I am a Christian makes me a different kind of woman.” Maybe that’s why I don’t understand this generation of women. Christ must abide in our hearts. If He doesn’t, well, you get all the chaos (protest) last week in Washington. God calls us to be women of virtue, valued higher than rubies. Virtue isn’t something that comes natural, you have to work at it everyday. We will stumble, but virtuous women get back up, and try again. Proverbs 24:16 “For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.” We keep striving for virtue, seeking God daily in our lives.

God tells me, as His child, to think on “whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things,” Philippians 4:8. If we think on these things, the God of Peace promises to be with us. That is how we keep peace in an unpeaceful generation. Thinking on all these good things will help us stay focused on our call to virtue.

Let’s be the strong, virtuous women that God has called us to be, living out our purpose that He has called us to live. We don’t need to mimic the world to be heard. Sometimes the loudest voice, can be the life you live, with grace, love, peace and godliness. Philippians 2:14-16 “Do all things without murmurings and disputings: That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world; Holding forth the Word of Life; that I may rejoice in the day of Christ, that I have not run in vain, neither labored in vain.”



I Love Soup

Nothing says comfort food better than a hot bowl of soup. I absolutely love soup. Soup is one of those meals that you can plan at the last minute, and it only requires one pot (and maybe a frying pan to precook the meat). There isn’t a better meal to plan on a cold winter’s day.

I don’t know how you plan out your grocery list or meal plan for the week, but I like to pick out my recipes first. I have a blank calendar that I use for each month. I number the days, and then plan out my meals for supper each week. Next, I make my grocery list with the recipes that I plan to cook that week. I have a running grocery list on the refrigerator for items that need to be replenished. This system seems to work for me, although, sometimes I don’t have time to be so organized and I have to wing it. When that happens, I just buy staples for meals that I know we all like.

I happen to love cookbooks. I’m not sure why, but I enjoy reading the recipes and getting new ideas. A dear friend gave me a cookbook called, “Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook; Feasting with your Slow Cooker.” This has really easy crock pot ideas. I found a soup recipe for Corn Chowder. The recipe seemed really simple, so I thought I would try it this week, and share it with you.

The recipe calls for:

6 slices of bacon, cooked and diced

½ cup chopped onions

2 cups diced, peeled potatoes (you could add as much as you like)

2 / 10 oz. pkgs. frozen corn (I used one pack)

1 / 16oz. can cream-style corn

1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp. seasoned salt

¼ tsp. pepper

1 cup water

In a skillet, brown the bacon until crisp, remove bacon, and save the drippings

Add onions and potatoes to the skillet and sauté 5 minutes, drain

Combine all ingredients in the slow cooker, Mix well.

Cover and cook on low 6-7 hours. If it gets too thick, add more water.


I wasn’t able to make my soup in a crock pot, so I cooked my soup on the stove. I just kept a close watch on it, because it will stick to the bottom of the pot if overheated.

My family loved it, and I hope yours will too – Enjoy!

The Wonder of Creation

I love to look at the Heavens. The sky is one of the most beautiful creations. Just as we have various emotions, the sky can appear to have emotions. The sky can look ominous, scary and dark, and then turn in to the most beautiful, peaceful sunset you have ever seen.

Whenever I watch the sky, I can’t help but think of the One who created it. Psalms 8:3-5 “When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained; What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him? For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honor.” Isn’t it amazing to think that our God, Creator of the Universe, cares more about us than any of His creations. We are truly blessed to serve such an amazing God.

As you go through this new week, remember how incredibly special you are to God. You were so special that He gave His Son to die for you. Let’s not waste our precious days, but use them for His glory.


Easy Cookie Recipe

I love homemade cookies. They are one of my favorite sweet treats. I love the crunchy, chewy texture, and the fact that you can just pop them into your mouth, no plates or silverware needed. I can also put away quite a few if I’m not careful. This is why try not to bake them very often, they are too tempting for me.

When I do want to make a batch of homemade goodness, I like a simple recipe. My oldest daughter found a recipe using a cake mix. This is one of the easiest and most versatile recipes. You can use any flavor of cake mix, and you can use any kind of chips. I have often thought using a strawberry cake mix with white chocolate chips would be delicious, but I have never tried it.  I made cookies over the Christmas holiday using a spice cake mix (no chips), and they tasted like gingerbread cookies. You can add nuts to the recipe if you like, but I wouldn’t add nuts and chips in one recipe. It might make the cookies too chunky.

My daughter Emily submitted this recipe in our church cookbook.

In this recipe, I used a chocolate cake mix and semi chocolate chips. If you are a chocolate lover, these cookies are for you. To make the cookies, all you need is one box of chocolate cake mix. I used Devils Food cake, but you could use any flavor of chocolate cake mix. You will also need 2 eggs, 1/2 cup of oil, and about half of a bag of chips. I used the semi chocolate chips for my chocolate cookies.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Mix your ingredients well. Scoop out the batter using a tablespoon, and place the cookies about 2 inches apart.

Bake the cookies for about 12-15 minutes. These cookies are thick, and you can make them whatever size you like, but a tablespoon is a good size cookie. The chocolate cookies are a little harder to tell if they are done because of the dark chocolate color. Cooking time does depend on the size of the cookie (larger cookies, longer baking time). Let the cookies cool and then enjoy! Try not to eat them all, but I’m warning you, they will disappear quickly.

Yummy chocolate, chocolate chip cookies!

A Word For The New Year

Hello Friends,

Have you ever decided to choose a word for the new year? The purpose of choosing a word for the new year is to kind of pick a theme for your year, something inspirational. This is similar to making resolutions, except it’s a theme to live by, not just a list of goals. I like to pick a word, because when I lose focus, I just simply remember my word, and I helps me to get back on track.

For the past three years I have chosen a word for the year. One year I picked the word “fearless.” I felt that I was spending a lot of time being afraid of change, new or unfamiliar situations, the changing world, the future. Fear will paralyze us. It will keep us trapped, and we will never do anything for God if we live in fear. Fear shows a lack of faith. I heard a quote, although I can’t remember who said it, but it says “We fear man so much, because we fear God so little.” Great quote isn’t it. I remember thinking I don’t want to be someone who worries more about what man thinks of me, than what God thinks. Fear doesn’t come from God, 2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God Hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Isn’t that what we need, power, love and a sound mind. Fear robs us of all these. We can live fearless if we remember Isaiah 41:13 “For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.”

Another year, I chose the word “balance.” Do you ever feel out of balance. It seems like sometimes, I’m doing really well on my eating plan,  but can’t be consistent with my exercise. Another example is that I will do great at daily Bible reading, but my prayer life isn’t so great. It’s really hard to keep everything in check. Balance is very important. It comes through diligence, determination, and faithfulness. Balance allows us to live with power and purpose daily. Here’s another good quote (source unknown), “There are no short cuts to any place worth going!” Staying balanced is a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it.

This year I tried to think of a word that would keep me motivated in all my goals for the new year. My word for this year is …

Persistence is defined as: continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. Did you get that last part, “in spite of difficulty or opposition. Difficulty will come, it’s predictable when you are trying to do something good.  It never fails that whenever I set my mind on goals for the new year, that I run into roadblocks. There is always something that makes my goals more difficult to accomplish, so I don’t accomplish them. I give up. This year, in spite of the roadblocks, I want to persevere and reach my goals. Persistence is a word that will inspire me not to give up. I found a verse in my Bible reading that really helps me remember what accomplishing goals will do for my soul. Proverbs 13:19a says, “The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul.”. I want to feel that sweet reward by being persistent this year in my goals. I love to listen to Zig Ziglar. He said, “You have to be before you can do, You have to do before you can have.” This sums up what it means to be persistent – a plan in action. Persistence requires you to do the work. My prayer for the year is that I can be persistent and live up to the potential that God has placed in my heart.

I made a visual reminder with Proverbs 13:19, a free printable for you to use, to remind you to be persistent and reach your goals for the new year so your soul can feel that sweet success!

Please click on the link below:


Do you have a word for the new year?



Welcome to Seasoned with Grace


I am so excited to welcome you to my new blog. My wish is that you will find encouragement and inspiration every time you visit. Here I will share with you all the things that inspire me. I will share things like home, faith, family, good food, DIY projects, crafts, motherhood, and homeschooling ideas..

I am new to the blogging world, although I have briefly had a free blog a few years back. During that time, I was homeschooling three children, and didn’t really have a lot of time to devote to my new hobby. My three students have grown a lot since that time. My oldest graduated, and recently married, my son will be graduating this spring, and so I will only have one student this fall. I am entering a new phase of life, hopefully one that will allow me more time to dedicate to blogging.

I love to read blogs. I enjoy seeing how other women manage home and family. I enjoy finding decorating ideas, DIY projects, recipes, holiday ideas, and devotionals that encourage my heart. My goal is to share all those things that will inspire us to be all that God has called us to be.

Welcome to Seasoned with Grace!