Fabric Button Rings

When I was a teenage girl, there were a few items that I just loved. I loved watches, cute coats, stationary, pins, and rings. I never had a lot of spending money, but I could usually find a cute ring or pin.

Through the years, I got away from my teenager fades, but recently I have been reminded of those things. Sometimes, I will see a pin on Pinterest of an item from the 80’s, and it takes back.

I have three children, and my youngest is now a teenager. She isn’t into a lot of the same things that I was at her age (times have changed). Recently though, I have discovered that she likes rings. This makes me happy if only for the fact that it is something that we share.

I homeschool, and every Friday we do something called “handicrafts.” It’s usually just a fun project that may or may not be related to anything we’ve been discussing. The main goal of handicrafts is to learn a skill such as crochet, sewing, cooking, etc. – useful skills. However, sometimes we make something just for fun.

Since I knew she liked rings, I decided to make this a simple project, and had found some information on making a fabric covered button ring. To do this project you will need a fabric button making kit, glue, wire cutters, fabric and an adjustable blank ring.

The rings that I used were just a set of adjustable rings in the jewelry section. They had a flat heart on the front that will be covered by the button. The tutorial uses a blank ring that you would find in a craft store, but this worked fine for our project. If I was making the rings for profit, I would have used the recommended rings.

I made the fabric buttons using the instructions on the back of the packaging.

The first thing to do is to cut the metal wire out of the button back with wire cutters. You will not need this to make your ring.

Pick a fabric with a pattern and colors that you like. Cut out a circle about 2 or 3 times larger than your button cap.

Next you will push the cap into the plastic button mold. I trimmed some of the excess fabric, but you need to leave some. Push the extra fabric into the mold.


The next step is to place the back of the button on the fabric and push in inside the mold with the blue cap from the kit.


Now you have a cute fabric button.

Next, you will need to get your glue. Below is a picture of the glue that I used. I had used this for another project, so I didn’t see the need to buy another type of glue. This one worked just fine for this project. Also below is a close up of the ring pack that I purchased. The tutorial that I found said to use a blank ring that you would find in a craft store, one that would have a metal disc on the front so you could attach a stone, or pendant of some kind. I didn’t have an opportunity to go hunting for one of these, so I found something I thought would work. It’s ok to deviate from instructions, just get creative and use what you have if you can’t find listed materials. The rings I bought worked just fine, and I got them for less than $1 each ($4.88 for 5 rings). The size is also adjustable. Can’t beat that for the price of a ring. I had all the other materials.



The next step is to turn over your fabric button and fill the cavity with some glue. Don’t used too much because it will overflow when you add the ring.


Get your rings, and just push the front into the glue. You just hold it in place for a few minutes, and let it dry 24 hours before wearing. That’s it! Now you have a cute, custom, adjustable fabric covered button ring.

You can make a lot of different things with these fabric covered buttons. I did a search and there are projects for bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair accessories, and you can even attach them to large paper clips for a cute book mark. There are endless possibilities, and they are so easy to make.

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy project, and I pray you have a great week!




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