I realize that it is the 4th of January, so this greeting comes a little late, but I sincerely mean it! I hope you have a great new year.

Every year after the Christmas holiday I begin to think about goals for the new year. I think I do it out of habit, but I am always looking forward to a clean slate. I like to think about things I would like to accomplish, changes that I would like to make, what worked last year, and what didn’t. It’s kind of time of reflection, remembrance, and fueling up for the new year.

I am probably overly ambitious for the new year – I am a planner by nature – so I have to pull myself back to reality when I make plans. I tend to go overboard, which can be a bit overwhelming. You can ask my husband about that and he will totally agree (I overwhelm him quite a bit, and not in a good way -LOL).

For the past 3 or 4 years, I have tried to pick a word for the year. I pick a word that seems to describe how I want to approach my goals. Last year I picked the word “Persistent.” It was a really good word to choose. I picked it because that is how I want to live my life, faithful and striving in my daily chores as well as my more challenging goals. I believe that God encourages us to be persistent in the things that matter.

This year, I still want to remain persistent (although I need to work harder at this), but I chose a word that made more sense for me. As I tend to be consumed with details and plans, I find that I need to pull myself back and just keep things simple. I am hoping that keeping things simple with also help me to keep my goals on a realistic level this year. SO, my word for this year is…..Drum roll please,

When my brain tries to overwhelm me with all the details that entangle my productivity, I am going to remind myself of my word, “Simplify.” Simple is good, clean, easy, and productive. I am hoping that if I simplify my life this year, that I will ” work smarter, not harder.” I will have to work at being more simple in my planning, but I think this is just what I need to make my new year great.

Have you made a goal list or chosen a theme for your new year? I would love to hear about it. Let’s make this the best year ever!