How do you feel about organization? I know that being organized sure makes things go a little smoother, but getting organized isn’t easy. I like to be organized, although, I could use a lot of improvement in this area of my life. I like knowing where something is, and not having to search high and low to find it (which saves me precious time.)

What about housekeeping organization? Have you ever thought “I need a schedule for housekeeping?” Well, I found a book a few years ago at a thrift store that I helped me organize my chores and save me some time and stress.

I don’t know if you are familiar with Emilie Barnes, but I have found a few of her books, and have enjoyed them all. She has a lot to say about the home, and home management. This copy was copyrighted in 2002. There may be a new copy out by now, but this is the book I purchased, and it is filled with ideas for home management. Notice the title, couldn’t we all use more hours in our days. In this book, she talks about getting organized, making a plan, daily scheduling, life goals, prayer organization, house keeping, record keeping, decluttering, money saving ideas, entertainment ideas, getting kids involved with chores, teaching kids about money, and the list goes on and on. As you can see, this is a very informative and helpful book.

One project that I took from the book and put into use was a housekeeping schedule. I tend to wait until things are piling up or overwhelming before I decide to work on it. The plan that she uses really helps keep chores more manageable, which saves time – YAY! The plan she uses goes into a lot more detail than I am going to share here, but I will show you the part that I have used, and it works.

You will need a few supplies to get started: 3″ x 5″ index cards, an index card box, divider tabs, and a pen or marker.

Next, label the divider tabs as follows: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually, and annually. Emilie also makes a tab for storage, but I didn’t use this category.

Next, sit down a write down chores for each category. For example, your daily chores might look something like this: dishes, make beds, clean bathrooms, pick up clutter, clean kitchen, empty trash, etc. This should be chores that you do everyday. Each chore is written on a separate card and placed behind to tab for daily chores.

The weekly chores are broken down by days of the week. You write out your chores for the week, and write each chore on the card labeled with the day that it needs to be done. For example if you do your grocery shopping on Mondays, then on the card you label Monday, you would write grocery shop, along with any other chore that you want to do on Mondays. Examples of weekly chores might be – grocery shop, vacuum, change bed sheets, mop floors, laundry, iron, dust, etc.

Monthly chores would be chores you only do once a month, and they would be broken down into weeks of the month such as: week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4. Chores are listed here for each week. Examples of chores might be cleaning the refrigerator, cleaning the oven, cleaning the coffee pot with vinegar or cleanng the dishwasher or washing machine.

Quarterly chores are broken down into jobs to do every quarter which I do every January, April, July and October. This would be kind of cleaning for the four seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall. Chores like cleaning windows, moving furniture around, cleaning out closets and drawers, etc.

Semiannual chores are jobs that need to be done twice a year. I have them labeled to do in May and November. These chores would be things like changing the batteries in your smoke alarms, changing the filter in the heat/air system, clean out the windows (bugs, spider webs, etc.).

And finally annual chores such as washing curtains, cleaning carpets, washing walls, etc. Each card has one chore, and you can pick the month that you want to get it done based on what works for you.

Put all these tabs and cards in your chore box, and on the first day of the week in the first week of the month pull out all your daily cards, your Monday card from your weekly tab, your week 1 chores from your monthly tab, and check the semiannual and annual tabs to see if they apply to this week.


I hope I didn’t confuse you on how this system works, but I do recommend that you read the book if you like organizing, or just need help in staying organized.